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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Big Blue House: Pay It Forward: My First Giveaway. :)

The Big Blue House: Pay It Forward: My First Giveaway. :)

Check the post out on Melissa's is such a great idea...I'm trying to come up with my craft...and then maybe YOU can win on my blog!!! In the mean time, check this one out!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18 Month Pictures

We went yesterday to see Ms. Emily and have Clayton's pics done! Wow, trying to get pictures of an 18 month old is VERY difficult. Above is a picture of Clayton spinning in circles! We actually took a series of pictures of her turning in circles and put them all together in a long composite! It turned out pretty cute! The whole time we were there, Clayton was having stimulation overload! She would see a "prop" to take a picture with and we would drag it the time we would get it set up, she would say "No,, no" and this continued on for quite some time...This was the best we could do!!! It does get better, right?!?

Another one of her "prop" ideas...

We wanted to take a couple of pictures of her laying down on the mat, so we told her that Mickey Mouse was in the camera...she didn't buy it for that picture at all...but a few minutes later (when we had moved on), she was trying to find him in the camera!

Above, she had just finished "jump, jump" and said "sit dOWn"...and then demonstrated!

The bicycle...another prop she wanted to drag out!

Kissing her monkey...

We have our 18 month check-up tomorrow, so I will add her stats and some "things" she is doing now!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Part II

So...Valentine's Day, we decided to go to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant! We went at Christmas to one in Texarkana, and it didn't seem to bother Clayton. We made a big mistake this time!!! We thought it would be fun and entertaining. It would have been except for the fact that the big, tall Japanese MAN started talking to Clayton with huge knives and spatulas in his hands that he was banging all over the metal table area...not a good start...then came the fire...and the screaming...and the tears! It wasn't much fun from that point on. Never mind that she had been perfect for the first 35 minutes that we sat there before the whole cooking process started...but from that point on, huge tears and absolutely NO WAY that she was going to step foot back in that area...EVER!!! So we had to take "shifts" of eating! Oh well, we learned a valuable lesson...Clayton hates Hibachi!!!

Clayton and Granna using chop sticks to eat raisins and gold fish!

Aunt Ca-Ca sent a bunch of wonderful Valentine presents to Clayton. It was sweet, and Clayton loved them all!!! Here she is playing with Darby and her "think, think, think" cap!

Sharing a sweet Valentine's kiss with her mommy and daddy!

Valentine's Pictures...

Here are some pictures that I took on Tuesday before Valentine's Day so that I could make Valentine's cards from Walgreens. I took a ton, but Clayton wasn't in one of the most cooperative moods! I have a whole new appreciation for photographers!!!

This is Clayton running away from the huge teddy bear that her grandparents gave her last Valentine's! I thought we could "use" it for the pics...BIG mistake!!!

Clayton pulled the bows out off of her monkey's ears, and then she thought she would try to put them in her hair...too cute!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

San Antonio

This past Wednesday, Clayton and I went to San Antonio with "Button" and Granna! We drove down on Wednesday afternoon, and we came back on Friday afternoon. Not a long trip, but long enough with a one year old! She actually did great! We stayed at the Marriott River Center, and Granna and I went across the street to the TMEA conference while Big Clayton aka Button stayed in the hotel. Below are some pics from the trip!

Here's Clayton playing in the chair at the hotel.

Here she is in her "Ta-La" as she calls it...pose! Note the hand out and the makeup brush/microphone in the other hand...

Clayton jumping on the pillows...and loving it!!!

Here is Clayton with her backpack/leash ready to go to the Alamo and riverwalk!

What we didn't know it that Clayton HATES elevators...she's always been in a stroller if we had to get on an elevator at the mall or something...but she was not a fan of it...especially when the bell hop didn't get on the same elevator with us, and he had all of our stuff!!!

Just hanging out at that River Center Mall

Outside in the park area of the Alamo...

A trip to the Disney store can cure ANYTHING!!! Today, she was addicted to Daisey! All the people in the store were amazed that she knew all of the characters and was calling to them by name. She was also going around kissing ALL of them! It was really cute, but it was really stressful, too!!!

Playing on the bed in the hotel room with Button and all of her Disney Characters! They were having buy 1 get 1 free, so we did get several...but she already had some!!!

In The Leaves

Last Saturday, Mark decided to work in the yard. Clayton decided that she wanted to go outside and "help" him. Below are some cute pictures of her "helping" Daddy in the yard!!!

Look, Mommy, I found a leaf!

Clayton got tired, so she was "sleeping" on the concrete for a few SECONDS!!

Clayton with Pooh and Tigger and Darby in the leaves!

Still in the leaves with Darby and Pooh...

She pulled the rake all over the yard and all over the was pretty funny!

And going back to "night, night"