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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lovin' My Babies

Here are some pics I uploaded from June...that I never wrote or posted!!! She LOVES playing with babies! So here are some cute pics of her with her Bittons and Granna...and her BABIES!!!

Summer Swimmin'

So, Clayton LOVES the are some pictures from the beginning of summer that I have just now downloaded and put together...I am trying to catch I'm not blogging much...just posting pics!!! They are pretty self explanatory!!! These are all from our pool...

The Little Flower Girl

So Clayton is going to be the flower girl in Lauren's wedding this Christmas! Clayton is excited! Lauren is one of my former students/cheerleaders from Harvest that I spent LOTS of time with while I was there! I am so excited that now my daughter gets to be a part of such an amazing time in Lauren's is quite cool!!!

We went to try on flower girl dresses so that Lauren could get an idea of what she liked...we finally ended up at David's Bridal...the 3rd place in the list of not so great places to find a dress for a 21 month old! We did find a dress...just in time for nap time for the little are the picks...

Little Gym

Clayton has been taking gymnastics lessons at The Little Gym since February. She loves it. We have seen a lot of growth in her attention span and in her upper body strength.
She absolutely loves the balance beam and bubbles on her tummy! Ms. Tish is her teacher, and she loves her, too!!!


Clayton decided to put on one of my shirts and be a "princess!" She was dancing around have a great we got a little video of it, too!!!


Yes, she has sprinkles all over her face...she ate ice cream when the Griggs' were over at the house last week...all by herself!!! She turned the bowl upside down to get every last drop out...and ended up with sprinkles all over her face...too cute!!!

Family Reunion