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Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Tuesday night, Starla and I decided to take Clayton and Keldan to "Boo at the Zoo!" I had heard horror stories about how crowded it would be and how if would take over an hour to get a parking place, so I was EXTREMELY hesitant to decide to go. I then talked to a few friends who had actually been, and they assured me that as long as you go there early, there wouldn't be a wait to, we agreed to meet early and JUST DO IT!

It wasn't the most amazing thing that I have ever been to, but I am glad that Clayton got to go. As it turns out, it was actually more enjoyable than actually "trick or treating" on Friday night (but I will post that tomorrow!). Anyway, we did get to see lots of animals before the sun went down, and the temperature was awesome. Clayton was "teething" (yes, she is 14 1/2 months old and only has 6 teeth...2 of which came in a couple of weeks ago!!) She has some catching up to do in that area...nonetheless, Clayton LOVES to be outside, so she did great! We walked around the zoo, checking everything out...and we left about 7:30...Clayton was totally asleep before we even got on the freeway! It was fun...I'm glad we went...check it off the list...we don't have to go back until she is in 1st or 2nd grade!!!

Of course, I have some pictures!! Don't worry, there aren't as many as with the pumpkin patch!

She loved seeing all of the animals...but several of them she called "moos!"
This was a hippo going in and out of the watch...she was captivated!

Mommy with her "sugar plum fairy!"

Keldan and Clayton...have you ever tried to get to kiddos under two to pose for a pic...not an easy task!


This is not actually our Halloween costume, but I bought it on-line because I thought she might like it to play "dress up" in later...I knew I could layer it with a shirt under it and some tights and she would be warmer than her ladybug...

A cool looking "bear" and below is a BEAUTIFUL
White Bengal Tiger

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I just love my little pumpkin! Last week was a hard week for our fam with my Aunt Evelyn passing away...and I let Clayton stay with my parents for the whole week (don't worry, I was there Tuesday though Thursday)...but man, I sure did miss her! I am SOOOO glad she is home. Today we just hung out all day long...I even held her during nap time because I just wanted to be with is such an amazing feeling to love someone sooo much!!! Coming up this week...Halloween pictures from Sunday afternoon and "Boo at the Zoo" that we went to tonight!

Here are some pics from Sunday before they left. We are at the Cheesecake Factory for brunch.

Just hanging with her Big Clayton!

With a mouth full of "nanas" aka bananas!

Getting her Granna to feed her some strawberries!

Enjoying her brunch of "nanas, sawbees, and bed"
(bananas, strawberries, and bread)

Look at that happy , smiling face!

Clayton just being silly when we got back from The Cheesecake Factory!

Clayton pulling her wagon that was supposed to be a Christmas present...but you'll have to aske her Big Clayton about that! And talking to the scarecrows...

Clayton pulling her wagon with her babies piled in there.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hanging with Clayton...

Look at those teeth, we finally have six! It took is 6 months to get the first two...
and 5 months to get the next two...and the last two have popped out
the last couple of weeks!

Clayton showing me her "night, night" which is what
she came up with for her blankie...

Just chillin in the tent!

Okay, as any of you who read my blog know...
wait, there is actually someone
reading this, right?!?!
Anyway, Clayton has been going through MAJOR separation
anxiety. Two weeks ago, we reached our lowest point when we could go to church because the nursery was putting our number on the screen, we could do community group because she wouldn't stay away
from me for 2 minutes...BUT last Thursday,
we had a BREAKTHROUGH!!!
Praise Jesus in the small victories, too!!! My friend Chay
is going to keep Clayton on Mondays while I teach, and the two times that we have tried...well, let's just say it wasn't the greatest situation...unless you consider a 13 month old screaming and crying and clinging to your leg a great day...if you do, then it was wonderful...otherwise, welcome
to my world since school started! I know that this is just a
"stage" that Clayton is going through and one day I will cry because she no longer "needs" me that way...but seriously, I am willing to give it a try! Oh, back to last Thursday. Chay told me to bring Clayton for just a little while. The plan was to drop her off and go run a few errands. Yes, we have done this several times leading up to the first stay, but we hadn't been there is a couple of weeks, so we needed a "refresher." We even tried on Tuesday and she cried 15 of the 20 minutes I was gone. BUT...Thursday, she only cried when I first walked out the door...and then she had a blast! Chay played with her hair and put it in a cute little "bam-bam" like ponytail! And Clayton actually played and had fun...and didn't have to be help to whole time! I was at Walmart during this whole victory, but don't worry...we celebrated! I bought her the cutest little Dora doll...and the pictures below are her playing with it...

So, I realize that was long...but here's the thing...
Those of you that have walked the journey of these past 14 months know what a time victory this is. A year ago, we couldn't even put her down to sleep, even for five minutes because she was so sick and in such pain. We were having Cystic Fibrosis testing at Christmas, biopsies, upper GIs, lower GIs...and by God's grace, she is completely healed of "whatever" was wrong with her...So while she may not be like every other child in the world, she is my precious little girl, and I love her...just the way God created her...even if she is "needy" right now...every child is not the same!

I LOVE THIS sweet!

Clayton playing in her "car"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Carnival at My School

We had our school carnival last Friday night, and I had to take Clayton with me since Mark was doing football! My parents had planned to get to my school around 6:30 or 7:00 (I had to be there to set stuff up at 5:30). They were going to take her around to play some of the preschool games in tiny tots area, and then they would go home. I knew I would be done until around 9:00 or later, and being the new kid on the block, I thought I should stay and do whatever needed to be done...especially if I want teachers to help me when it come Christmas program time! So, everything was going as planned until I talked to my parents around 6:15 and they were going SOUTH on 35 towards 20! They were going to my old school (even though the navigation was telling them otherwise!) My dad was thinking he was going to Everman to my old school...not a mistake you want to make at 6:15 on a FRIDAY afternoon...needless to say, it was 7:50 before I met them...I passed Clayton off to them and went back finish my responsibilities! We had a great time, it was just a little stressful...if you know my daughter at all, you know she is more than a ONE PERSON JOB!!!

Just Chillin' With Dora, of course...

Showing off to some of my kiddos...

Clayton in the BOUNCE HOUSE...
She had such a blast in here...and it was geared for tiny
pumpkins, so there wasn't anyone that could smash her!

Wee...this is fun!

Here she is going down the slide out of the bounce house

Being silly going down the slide!

Waiting to get back in the bounce house...

FINALLY getting to see her "BIG CLAYTON"

Literally within 5 minutes of getting in her car seat,
she was OUT!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, we went to Grapevine to a Pumpkin Patch. We had so much fun! We spent about an two hours there. Clayton loves being outside, so this was perfect. The weather was great. We took over 200 pictures, but I didn't post all of them! I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

"Hi, pumpkin!"

These are weird...I'm not sure I like them!?!?!

Hey, Everybody...

This sure is fun!

I have no idea what this face is...but it cracks me up!!!

Hey, Momma & Daddy!

I CAN pick this one up!

Now, I'm going to pick this one up...ok, maybe not!

Yes, there are several of these pictures, but
they were just too cute!

Yep, that's right...$15 is my price...per minute!

Hey, look at my two front teeth...FINALLY!

Uh-Oh, I dropped it!

Ok, we are back in business...I've got a good grip now!

Can we move on now, I think we have enough
of this pose

That's right, I am a cutie!

This one is different from the others...

Oh, wow! Look at all these pumpkins!

There sure are a lot of pumpkins to pick up!

Now these are more my size...

I think I will take a seat...I am tired!

Hey, Daddy...come sit right here with me!

This is a little more comfortable...

This is Clayton throwing a fit and trying to climb over
a bale of hay to get BACK to the little tractors that she had
already played on once!

More pumpkins...

Clayton LOVED the tractors...

If Dad won't push me any more while I'm on it...
I will just push it myself!!

Hi, Everybody...(Look at that smile...) Think she's had a few
pictures in her lifetime!?!?

Ok, I will pose again...

Howdy, partners!

Riding in the that's more like it!

Something sure was funny!

Hey, Big Clayton...this sure is fun!

Ok, I think I am ready to stand up in the wagon now!
Admit it, I lasted a lot longer sitting down than you thought!

Tah-Dah! (though I have NO idea how to spell that!)

It's my turn to pull the wagon...

I'm a big girl, I can pull the wagon!

An attempt at a pic of the whole fam!

Clayton checkin out the baby animals...

There were some baby pigs, goats, and chickens
Clayton didn't like the rooster was LOUD!

It is a lot safer in Daddy's lap!

She kept waving and saying "hi, moo"...only problem
was that they were baby goats, not cows

Clayton absolutely LOVES long as they are
quiet and keep their distance...

Cheese...I mean "CORN"

Do you like my new look?

Come on, Clayton walk this's time to go home!
Note the little ear of corn she found and would not put down!

Walkin with Granna!


I'm tired, so I'm gonna at a seat right here!

Night, Night, Little Pumpkin!