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Monday, May 18, 2009


Yesterday, we had a "cool" front come in...Clayton wanted to go outside at 9:00 sooo bad...but it wasn't even 60 degrees yet!!! We told her it was too cold outside, but she kept begging to go outside...she finally came up with this attire!!! She found a Dora hat to go along with her pjs and light up sketchers! She thought that surely if she put on a hat and some socks and shoes that she would be warm enough to go gave in...

Below are my little gangster pictures...she is such a cutie pie!!!

Do you see that foot...almost touching the red brick...she knows she isn't allowed to touch that part because it is so close to the pool...but she was testing her boundaries!!!

My little drama baby!!! I had no idea how much drama girls could have!!! We have several friends who have boys that are Clayton's age, and none of them have the drama that we have on a daily basis!!!

I guess she got over it!!!

A Couple More Mother's Day Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from a different camera!!!

Playing in the Rain

I just loved this picture!!!

Clayton was playing in her "Clubhouse" and looking at Mickey's Comet through the telescope!

Running in the rain...even though you can't see her face, so I thought this pic was cool!!!

Bath Time...

A week or so ago, Clayton decided she wanted to take a bath in our jacuzzi tub...with BUBBLES!!! So here are a couple of cute pictures! She had a blast...and now wants to take a bath in Mommy's tub all the time!!! Johnson's has a new "bubble bath" that is just like their other bath products...doesn't burn...and is SOOO light! And it produces TONS of bubbles!!

Easter Pictures from Emily's Studio

Right after Easter, we went to our favorite photographer, Emily and had a few pictures made in Clayton's Easter they are!!!

Mother's Day at Granna's House

For Mother's Day, we went to Atlanta to see Granna and Big Clayton. Clayton had a new dress to wear to church that Sunday. We put it on, and she immediately started turning in circles and saying, "I'm a pin-ces" It was SOOO cute...and I wish I had been videoing it, but of course, I wasn't!!!
We attempted a TON of pictures after church on Sunday...our best hope was to get some outside!!! She was really tired because we had been to the early service which starts at 8:30...but we did the best we could to get some pictures!

While we were trying to get pictures of Clayton outside, she was busy getting all of the lava rock out of Granna's flowerbeds and stack them all up!!!

So tired!!!

Clayton picked out a cake for Granna and me! She loves purple, so this one caught her eye!

Yes, she was sticking her finger in it...why do you think she wanted to get a cake for us!!!

Here is Granna's card that Clayton is about to present to her!!

Very excited about delivering it!!!

Granna let Clayton help her open it!!!

Clayton loves "Shortcake" as she calls her, so we had to get this card for Granna!

Clayton giving me my gifts for Mother's Day!

I got a CareBears card...which loves "almost" as much as Shortcake!

Clayton and Mark got me a James Avery charm for my bracelet. It says "Best Mom" which is kind of a joke BECAUSE...this week Clayton decided that she wanted me to be "Mom" instead of "Mommy." It really bothered me! Mark couldn't understand why...but it is simply because that signifies that she is growing up!!! It made me SAD!!! Anyway, the charm will always help me remember that!!!

Of course, she had to put the bracelet on!!!

Sweet Mark made a little certificate on the computer to give me a free day off...he would do this any time I wanted without a certificate because he is an awesome husband and dad...but the certificate was cute!!!

The rest are all just random pictures from that Sunday afternoon...mostly outside!!!
I had to include this one because that face was too cute!!!

She is chasing Otis around the yard!