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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Touring the NEW COWBOYS Stadium

We took a tour of Cowboys Stadium with the Griggs fam a this summer. It was fun...for a little while! Our tour guide wasn't awesome...but it was FREE, so I can't complain too much!!!

Here is a pic of Clayton and Keldan on the path that the players use to go out onto the field

Believe it or not, they actually DIDN'T try to run out on the field!!!

Past Six Flags, you can see the top of Texas Stadium...

Sitting in a Luxury if we will EVER be able to do it at a game!!!

Clayton and Keldan were entertaining themselves by "dancing" in the cute!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peach Festival

We went to Weatherford to the Peach Festival in the middle of the 100+ weather in July! It wasn't probably the "smartest" thing we have ever done...but it was fun! It was just sooo hot and crowded that it was hard to enjoy year, we will definitely get there as early as possible! Clayton had peach ice cream and a little bit of a peachy smoothie! As you can see by her face, it was HOT!!!

The bounce house was too hot for her...we actually had to go get our $$ back b/c it was so hot that it burned her and she wouldn't get back on...they were putting ice on it, but it didn't help! My mother-in-law said that it was extremely hot, too!!!

Pickin Blackberries

This summer while Ca-Ca was in, we went to pick blackberries! We lucked out and get there the last day that they were going to be open. They were having to close out three weeks early because it had been so hot that all of the berries were burning up!!! So, we left Granna and Bittons house at 7:00 AM...and headed to pick some blackberries!!!

Check out that hand!!! Soo much blackberry juice on it...and her little face...but she had a BLAST!!!

Believe it or not, she did actually pick SOME blackberries...but we definitely got our $$$ worth in the ones that she ate BEFORE our bag was weighed!!!

Clayton was patiently waiting for the blackberry ice cream that you get AFTER you pick your blackberries!!!

Look at that little tummy full of blackberries!!!!

There is Daddy cleaning the shirt after all of the picking and eating of the yummy blackberries!!!

And she was OUT!!!

Clayton got to eat the blackberry ice cream at the store...but we bought her last pint to bring home so the rest of us could try it...we all had a spoon and passed it around on the way home! It was pretty good...didn't have a lot of flavor until we found the HUGE BLACK DOG HAIR FROZEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PINT!!! Needless to say, we all wanted to throw up when we saw it...YUCK!!!! BUT...we won't ever forget the experience...good and bad!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funny Little Sayings...

Funny Story #1

So we went to Atlanta yesterday to leave for Chicago. Bittons had to leave to go to the bank, and he told Clayton he would be back in just a little while. She assumed that he was going to "work" because that is usually where he goes if he has to leave while we are there. A little time had passed, and she asked where Bittons went...the she answered herself by saying, "Oh, Bittons go to make some money!"

Funny Story #2

So today...we are in the car...DRIVING to Chicago to see CaCa...and we had a new "bag" of tricks. Clayton's new thing is "princesses." We got her a package of Disney Princesses figurines at the Disney store...and some other things to occupy her interests on the THIRTEEN HOUR trip in the car with a 22 month old!!! Anyway...we also go this magnet board that has magnetic princesses on it. She played with it and thought it was fun. After a couple of hours passed, she asked for her princesses. I got in her bag and tried to get her bag of figurines out. She said, "No, not THOSE princesses, I wanted the maganeese (magnet) ones." It was really cute!!!


Yesterday she was playing in her playhouse at Bitton and Granna's House...she was looking in the bushes for Dora (she was playing pretend...I HOPE!!!) and she said, "Hey, Dora, nice a meetcha, I am Clayton"

Yes, Clayton comes up with some off the wall things...BUT...we were in the pool, and because Clayton LOVES to go under the water and look around ALL THE TIME, we have a little counting game that we have to do so that she will "take a break" and not continue to go in and out of the water we always go back to the steps SLOWLY...we sit on the step, and we count to 12. She has no problem doing this...she usually says, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7...pause...we say 8...and she says 9...10...11...TWELVE!!! And jumps back into the water...Well, the other night, she said 1,2,3,4,5,6, TUNA...What?!?! Tuna...then she started laughing...please keep in mind that Clayton has never had tuna...or even smelled it for that matter!!! Mark said, "Tuna, YUCK!" And Clayton said, "Yeah, tuna, yuck...but how 'bout Tuna Cookies?" So, we played a little "how 'bout Tuna pie, cake, etc...I have NO idea where she came up with this!!! So, if we want a little laugh...we just say, "Hey, Clayton, do you want a Tuna Cookie?"

Friday, July 10, 2009

Chicago Trip 1...Part 1

At the beginning of June, Clayton and I went with Granna and Bittons to Chicago to see Ca-Ca! It was her b-day! Clayton got her some flip flops that have interchangeable colored straps and was a really cute idea...but the shoe sizing was NOT anywhere close to correct! We went to the park a lot...there is a park not too far from Catherine's house that has lots of cool "hills" to run up and down....Clayton LOVED it! They, of course, were having a heat wave, so when we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, it was too hot for even the animals to come out. We didn't last there very long!!!