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Monday, January 19, 2009

17 Months!!!

So little "baby" Clayton is 17 months old!!! I cannot believe it! Life with her is so much fun right now! She is talking up a storm and just growing up!!!

Her weight- 25 lb.
Her height- ?33-34 in.

Over the past month, she has gotten 3 molars (the fourth is working it's way in) she has 10 teeth now...but I can see her 4th bottom tooth coming in and that final molar!!

She loves to do the "Hokey Pokey." She loves to "run, run," "kick, kick" and do "circle, circle, circles" all the time. She has started to do motions to "The Itsy, Bitsy Spider" when SHE wants to!!!

She can repeat anything that you say, pretty much. She has two books that she can "read." She knows all of the animals in her farm book and can tell you their names and what sound they make. She can go to the fridge and verbally tell you what she wants! And she definitely can tell you what she dosen't want! She LOVES "yogut" (yogart) and pears.

Bathtime: She loves bath time. She has a bath tub Darby, Buster, Elmo, and Dora. She loves to play with them. She says "I on a baff" (I want a bath!) and goes to the door and knocks on it.

Funny/Interesting things:
1. She has NO concept of space...she thinks she can "fit" anywhere! She loves to get in her baby doll pack and play and go "nite-nite." She tries to cram herself in the little people lego container. The other day my mom got her a Cabbage Patch fairy, and she took the box that it was in (which was actually already torn in half) and tried to "sit" herself in it.

2. She loves to give Otis a cookie...and over the past few weeks, she has actually started calling him Otis instead of "doggie."

3. She loves to be outside...doesn't matter what the temperature is.

4. She has started throwing "tantrums" once a day. Usually it is when she is really tired...which brings me to my next fact...

5. She is trying to move herself to 1 nap a day...unfortunately, this nap is around noon.

This list could go on and on and on...I'm going to go ahead and posted it before I continue it into her 18th month!!!

Here are a few pics of my 17 month old pumpkin!!!

We have started trying to use a "leash" with Clayton when we go out for "short" adventures. This was our 1st experience...she actually did really great. I know, we are horrible for using it...but it is sooo much better than having her in a stroller or risking someone taking her!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clayton and Haley at Christmas

My mom's best friend in the whole wide world...that she has known since she could walk is Dianne Whatley. Like all friendships, theirs has evolved over the years. It is in a new place these days. Their granddaughters are playing together. Haley is 4, so she's been around for a while, but this was the 1st time that she and Clayton could actually "play!" They had a blast. Clayton was saying " M'on Haley, play..." and Haley would say, "Up here Baby Claytlin". (Did we give our kiddo a hard name or what?!?) Here are a couple of pics from their Christmas playing experience!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas Recap...

Lookin' cute in her Santa Hat and PJs Christmas night before we left to go back to DFW

Christmas Eve completely passed OUT, and it was only 5 o'clock!

Cute little Pooh towel/robe that she got...she LOVES Pooh!

Unwrapping the "freaky" Dora who has an abnormally large head!!!
The destruction that was the Clayton house...after Christmas unwrapping!!

The Whole Crutcher Clan...minus Uncle Don who is taking the picture!

Opening her gift from Memaw!

Just sittin on the boxes and letting people hand her gifts to open!

It's a Bitty Baby!

Clayton opening her 1st American Girl doll from Uncle Don and Uncle Jeannie (that's what I called them!)

Clayton helping Memaw open her presents!

so sweet!

Lovin on her baby Aunt Kathy gave her

Clayton getting her present from her Great-Aunt Kathy!

Clayton with her two babies...Tabby and Gabby!
Clayton pushing her tricycle around the room!

Clayton drinking her baby's bottle!!!

Clayton and Darby going for a ride in the jeep!
Hangin' out over at her tent!

Unwrapping the HUGE chair Aunt Ca-Ca bought her!

Clayton really seeing all of what Santa brought for the 1st time! Look at that face!

She is so excited!

Look at the smile on that pumpkin's face...she knows something is up!

Waking up in Mommy & Daddy's bed Christmas morning!

Look what SANTA brought!

Giving Tabby a "keess"

Just chillin with her newest "baby" named Tabby!
Her methodical unwrapping of a gift...
"Just touch it, Granna!"

Giving Aunt Ca-Ca a head-butt!

So cute in her little SANTA outfit!

Just the immediate Clayton fam!

Christmas Eve with the WHOLE CLAYTON CLAN!

So we had an amazing Christmas this year. It was so much fun with Clayton. She had so much fun unwrapping the presents. She would literally make sure every speck of paper was off of the gift before she would open it. Mark and I let her sleep with us that night...she hadn't done that in a LONG time...and Mark and I didn't get any sleep. She is such a bad bed partner...she flips and flops and talks in her sleep...but we woke her up at 7:30 because we were ready to see what Santa brought!!! We came down the stairs, and she was amazed. She played with her Barbie Jeep, Dora Ball pit, and Disney princess tent.

She took a break in the middle of opening gifts for some fruit. She sat in her Barbie Jeep with her feet up and had her Granna feeding her. It was quite hilarious! After a couple of hours, she was exhausted! She crawled up in Big Clayton's lap and wanted to go to sleep. They decided to go back to the bedroom and watch a little Pooh and fall Clayton started to walk back there, she almost fell down because she was half asleep...yep, she was so tired from Christmas presents that she fell asleep while she was walking!!!

After a nap, we headed out the Uncle Don and Aunt Jeannie's house. We had a lot of fun there...then we headed back to DFW for the Bird Christmas on the 26th! We picked up Ashleigh on the way in and stayed at Glenda's all day on the 26th. We played Guitar Hero until our eyes just about popped out from staring at the tv.

Here are some pics from the events of from the 24th-26th...

Emler Swim Orientation...

Last Saturday, we went to Emler in Colleyville to go through swim orientation. We were amazed at their program. It is a 5 month course, and it is AWESOME! We loved it, but decided that we would wait until the summer (when they offer one in south Arlington 5 min. from our house instead of 45 min.!!!) because Clayton would be just a little older! We are, however, going to join the Y in Arlington for the next couple of months so that Clayton can keep her "love" for the water. We did swim lessons for a couple of weeks at Lifetime Fitness until our swim teacher stopped showing up for lessons...anyway, I'm tired of this there you go!!!