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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Little Story...

I have been horrible at blogging lately! I think it is because I have too many things to I am overwhelmed!!! I still haven't even posted Easter pictures...did I even post Spring Break?!?!

Well, I have a little Clayton story from TONIGHT...and I thought, "If I go in and write it right now, I won't forget it...and maybe I won't be so overwhelmed about blogging anymore!!!"

So, here's the story...

Mark took Clayton in the backyard to see how she would play (even though we have the pool)...just to get an idea before we put a sandbox out there...she did great, by the way! She never even was interested in getting near the pool!!! Here's the story!

Clayton was sitting at the table under the patio enjoying some watermelon...and the all of a sudden started saying "Oooh, it's a mis-er-ee" She said it over and over again...I finally figured out...Oh, she's saying mystery (where does she get this vocabulary at 1 1/2 years old!!!)! Anyway, she kept saying "Look, it's a mis-er-ee...we have a find a clues...hurry" And she started walking around the side yard picking up sticks...she is so stinkin creative! She took her stick and said she was painting with it! She painted the columns of the patio and the brick...she's such a little pumpkin!!!

One more story...the other day we were on our way home from Fossil Rim, and we were trying to keep Clayton awake until we got home. Mark kept reaching back and getter her may-may (what she calls her pacifier). Her response to him was "No, ma'am, be nice a me!" It was soooo funny!!! She sure comes up with some funnies!!!

More to come with some pics soon, I promise!!!