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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Park...

Clayton's 1st Self Feeding Experience...
Thursday night, we decided to let Clayton feed herself...and this is how it went! Clayton was so funny. She is definitely left handed at this point. Every time I would put her spoon in her right hand, she would switch it to her left one. We have noticed that her left hand is dominant in other things, but I was hopeful that she would "out grow" it. Mark is left handed, there ya go! She got potatoes in her eyes, up her nose, and in her hair. She had a blast until the end when she got tired and bothered by potatoes everywhere...then it was straight to the tub!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Can Clayton Do At ONE...

I am not a great "Baby Book" person, so I thought maybe I should write down some of the things that Clayton can "SAY" right now...

  • Momma (end of February)
  • Dadda (couple of weeks later)
  • Dog- used in context at 9 months
  • Book
  • Ball
  • Baseball (GO RANGERS!!!)
  • No, no
  • Bite
  • Wa-Wa (water)
  • Ba-Ba (bottle)
  • More
  • Dora (oh, dear she gets fixated on that word...but if she says it, she has spotted one, for sure!
  • Baby
  • Bye-Bye
  • Memaw
  • Ca-Ca (Catherine)
  • Hi!
  • Hey!
  • Hi, Peoples
  • Hey, baby!
  • Good Girl
  • All Gone (more like gone, gone)
  • Night, night
  • I do it
  • I got it
  • Her "May-May" is her plug/pacifier, but that's the name that she came up with?!!?
  • Go, go, go


Today we went to the park that is a couple of blocks from our house. Clayton has only been to the park a couple of times, and she is usually only able to swing or she just tries to climb up the slide backwards. Today, she really had fun. Mark was great with her. They had a ton of fun. She was climbing on everything. Unfortunately, she ran smack into a pole because she was looking at herself in the toy mirror that was on the side of one of the play things...I know, imagine that! These pics were taken with the camera on my phone because we forgot the real really was fun!

Clayton 1st B-Day Professional Photos...

Okay, the week after Clayton turned ONE, we went to see "Emily" who has been taking Clayton's pictures since she was itty bitty! Emily left Kiddie Kandids to start her own studio. I couldn't find anyone to go with me because school had started back that week, and anyone that could come would have to bring at least one or two of their own kiddos with them...which wouldn't really help! SOOO...I had to tackle the project by myself! We had to get balloons blown up and make sure the cake was still intact. Everything was awesome...except Clayton was teething and acting REALLY grumpy...four hours later, we were walking out of the studio...but we had some AWESOME pictures to show for it. Ashleigh made Clayton's cake, so it was very special to us...and we had to make sure that we got great pictures with it...Because of copyright, I can't post them to the blog, so I have to give you the directions.

To get to the pictures follow these directions:

Go to
Click on "order on-line"
Click on "order on-line" in the middle of the page
Under recent photos, click on Jennifer Bird
The password is: clayton76001

Let me know what you think...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Clayton's B-Day in Arlington Part I

So on August 16th, we invited our closest friends and family over to share Clayton's 2nd 1st Birthday with us. We had already gone through this madness once, but it had to be done again. So, we decided to have a cook-out/swim party...AFTER we did Clayton's presents and her cake because I didn't want the pressure of how Clayton was going to act for that long!!!
Pictures and the rest of the story to come...Mark says "PLEASE GET OFF THE COMPUTER!"

Clayton's B-Day in Atlanta Part II (The Cake!)

Pictures coming soon of Clayton and the Cake in Atlanta...but for some reason, we don't have them loaded on this computer...

Clayton 1st B-day Part One (Aug. 10, 2008)

Happy Birthday to our Clayton!!
We had a birthday party in Atlanta on Aug 10th so that all of our family that lives there would be able to attend without having to drive all the way to Arlington with gas as expensive as it was just easier for us to pack up and go there! We had a great time! It was a very stressful day trying to get everything done and make sure that Clayton got a nap so that she wasn't grumpy for all of her guests. And we actually succeeded!!
We allowed her to have a "Grand Entrance" into the room where everyone was waiting for her...she had on a beautiful pink dress with a cupcake that had a one on it, a tiara (which didn't stay on long!!!) and squeaky shoes with pink flowers and rhinestones...she looked adorable!!!
We opened presents, but all she cared about was "Dora, dora, dora" which is what she continued to say for 10 minutes while her mommy opened all of her presents.
Then it was time for the cake...we had a HUGE cupcake as the cake for the guests, and all of the decor was from Birthday Express (which is another post within itself!!) and had cupcakes with "my 1st birthday" on them. The cake was from All In Good Taste from Texarkana, and it was excellent. They did, however, forget to make the smash in the world do you forget the smash cake...but they make on "quickly" while we waited at exactly 5 o'clock for them to make it! It didn't really matter what it looked like, Clayton was going to enjoy it.
So...we put her in her chair and get her ready for "cake." She did exactly like I expected her to...eating each little bite with two fingers SLOWLY-not wanted to make a mess. (If only she had this same philosophy with carrots, peaches, cantelope, etc.) After several minutes of bordom from her guests, her Aunt Ca-Ca decided to push her had down in the cake so that maybe she could taste the cake and not just the icing. That was not the cake, she only became temporarily left-handed because now the hand with cake all over it now longer was functional!! She was pretty much done at that point, and Mommy and Daddy were ok with that!!! We had a great time, but what work for such a short amount of "party!!"
That was only party #1...we still had another one to go on her actually birthday weekend in Arlington with the rest of our friends and family!!!