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Sunday, November 23, 2008

15 Months!!!

Clayton at her 15 month check up...and look at her little red is getting better...

I cannot believe Clayton Grace is already 15 months old!!! It seems like yesterday that I was starting back to work after being on maternity leave! AND IT HAS BEEN A WHOLE YEAR!!! Goodness, time flies by SOOO quickly!

We went for her check-up this week, and boy was it FUN...oh no, it was totally NOT fun at all! She had a wonderful toddler fit if Dr. Daniels even tried to get close to was awful. And she was screaming and crying BEFORE the nurse even came in with the shots. It could have been because it was her morning nap time?!? But it was AWFUL! And there is a national shortage of HIB vaccine, so we didn't get our dose that we should have received at this appt. The nurse said that hopefully it will be available by the time we get to her 18 month check-up...but that she was still covered by her other doses that she previously had...still kind of makes me nervous!

Weight: 23 lbs.
Length: 31 1/2 inches
Head: 18 3/4 inches

She is SOOO long that we are having to buy 18 month pants now b/c she has outgrown all of her pants...the problem is, her weight still fit in to the smaller end of the 12 month category! So the pants we bought her last night for a Christmas "outfit" just fall off because she can't keep them up! She wears a 4 to 4 & 1/2 in shoes.

What's she doing?
EVERYTHING! Totally showing off...when she wants to! She is using several words together (she has been for a while)...but my favorites are: "Moof Dadda" "(move) as she pushes Mark out of her way..I tuck, I tuck (I'm stuck...usually when she has crammed herself somewhere that she shouldn't be!) And.."I uh nack, Momma, nack!" which is "I want a snack, Momma, snack"

AND...If you ask her how old she is, she will hold up her 1st finger and say ONE...even at her check-up she did it! And she told Dr. Daniels "I uh color" when he was writing in her file...wonder what kind of crazy stuff he was writing about her?!?

At the mall yesterday, she had the "opportunity" to get out of her stroller and "walk" around for a bit...and she proceeded to "run" and "kick" while SHOUTING, yes shouting "RUN, RUN" or "Kick" Yes, yesterday I became one of those parents that I have always thought "Can't you control your child...why would you let them run around like that!?!?" Whatcha gonna do?!? Sometimes you just have to let them release their energy...good thing she is adorable, so people were stopping to smile at her and try to talk to her!

What does she eat?
She loves beam-beam (green beans), carrots, and chicken (which she actually says normally)...oh, and tatos (mashed potatoes). That is her "favorite" meal! She also loves any fruit that you put in front of her...which makes me sad that it is hard to find good, fresh cantelopes, peaches, strawberries, and watermelon right now. And BEWARE hide your "nanas" because if she sees a banana, she WILL fight you for it!

What does she like to do?
She loves to sing in the car or on the porch swing. She loves to read books...especially ones that have "flaps." Her Aunt Ca-Ca has her addicted to any time she sees a tv, she points and says "Pooh" with a cute little finger pointing at the tv! She LOVES to be the front the park...on the mule with her Big Clayton. She loves to see live animals- horses, cows, dogs...not necessarily cats!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big Clayton's Birthday

The fam on Big Clayton's B-Day!

Ok, the cake...there is ALWAYS a story about the place where we order birthday would think that we would not order from this place ever again...but we do!!! My mom called and asked for a cake that had a "car" on it...not a cake for a 50something year old man that resembled the movie "Cars!"

Clayton, Granna, and Big Clayton

Mmmm...that tastes good!

I want another bite...yummm...

Please don't call CPS...yes, Big Clayton is feeding her cake off the end of the knife he was using to cut the cake...and nobody realized it until we saw the pictures!! It was just a "butter" knife!

Getting another bite from Aunt Ca-Ca!

Look at that SAD face...Mommy said "No more cake!"

Clayton enjoying opening Big Clayton's present with him!

Check out that nose...she doesn't look like Rudolph any more! It has almost healed completely...just a little red still because of the new skin growning!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Sunday afternoon before Halloween, we took Clayton to Kiddie Kandids to do some pictures! We hadn't been to get her pictures made since her birthday, so I had no idea what I was in case you didn't know, Clayton had professional pictures taken EVERY MONTH for the 1st year of her life!! Can you tell she is the only grandchild??? So, we just wanted some they are...and we worked HARD for these six shots, I promise!

By the way, we had to take ALL of these pictures with the pumpkin because she would throw an absolute FIT if we tried to take it away from her!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat?!?

My Little Ladybug!

Clayton and Daddy!

Clayton, Jane, Vance, and I going to the neighbor's house to "trick or treat!"

Clayton getting to pick her own if she was actually going to get to eat any of it!

The actual "trick or treating" next door!

Clayton waving at everyone!

Clayton giving Vance his Elmo basket...and telling him "Thank You!"

So cute!

Clayton and Vance playing...We went to Bob and Jane's (our next door neighbors) before we went trick or treating...and we went together around our neighborhood (to two other houses!) They had their grandson Vance, so we thought we would go together again this year!

Look at that poor little nose!

Clayton playing around after trick or treating!

Silly girl!

Clayton posing with "Grandma Jane"

And then Clayton figured out that she had a bow in her hair...two seconds bow in her hair!!!

The Football Game...

Thursday night, we went to Irving to watch Ashleigh cheer for the JV football game. Clayton was so excited to get to see "Assseee!" As soon as we got there, Clayton got right up to the fence and started yelling for Ashleigh to come see her. She had her "baby," and she was trying to give it to Ashleigh through the fence. It was hilarious...especially because she was getting so frustrated because Ashleigh wouldn't come get it. Of course, she didn't understand why Ash wasn't running over and picking her up and playing with her! I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story...until the end, which you have to read in order to understand the Halloween pics that I will post tomorrow!

Look at that JUMP! Wow!


Yeah, I'm not sure what Ash is doing there...I think she's watching Clayton throw her baby on the ground!

Clayton "cheering" along with the cheerleaders!

A little "action" shot...

Clayton was mesmerized by the cheerleaders...have we found her future?

Clayton trying to show off for the cheerleaders!

Another action shot...

Clayton banging on the metal bleachers...trying to get everyone to look at her...

Is she interested in the cheerleaders or what?

Talking to Ash through the fence...

Clayton cheering with the cheerleaders...

"Go, Ashleigh!"

Okay, this is the beautiful, happy face...before the disaster! Please look at the perfect little nose because in the next pic, you WILL NOT SEE IT!!!

Okay, here's what, she didn't fall from the top of the bleachers...and yes, her parents were watching her! She was on the cement...bending down (as all kiddos do for like hours on end) and she was playing with her baby...she lost her balance...AND FACE PLANT!! It was absolutely the WORST feeling that I have EVER had with her...even worse than when she somehow locked herself in the car at Chili's with the car running (a story for such another time!!!) She cried harder than she has ever cried before...and Mark and I felt SOOO helpless. What was an amazing time at a football game changed within seconds...her little nose and upper lip were bleeding...and her forehead was scratched up...and now she looks like "carpet burn" is awful. She has, however, been a REAL trooper. Once she got her 5 minutes of crying out at the game...she was fine. We've been keeping Neosporin on it...which she, of course, wipes off within a minute of the application...but even tonight I thought it looked a little better. You will see have truly awful it is in the Halloween pics I post tomorrow...