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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Going Down the BIG slide

Monday, October 26, 2009

State Fair and School Carnival

These are all in reverse order...but since it is December and I put these photos in almost 2 months ago...I figure I better just write something and post it! Clayton went to my school and had a BLAST for the Fall Carnival! We went to my school early that afternoon and I taught the after school program from 3:15 until 5:30...and Clayton did GREAT! She found several new "best friends" in Marycruz and Jaycee! And they loved her, too! Jaycee even went through the bounce obstacle and huge slide with her...she had a blast...I first sign that she was REALLY becoming a BIG GIRL...bittersweet!!!

Mark's BIG 4-0

Well, Mark turned the BIG 4-0 a couple of weeks ago...yep, I married an O-L-D man!!! Or I guess we could say, he married a young chick! Here are some pics from the "surprise-ish" party that we had at his brother Michael's house! Unfortunately, I didn't really take pictures of all of the people there...oops! I really am not sure what I was thinking...but I got some cute pictures of Clayton, Ashleigh, Mark and Keldan...that's about it!!!

This cake right here...Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake...for those of you that don't know Mark...he HATES cake...but once he had a cupcake from Texas Star Bakery that was PB&J, and he loved it and said that he had to have his 40th b-day cake made from THAT Clayton and I took a couple of cupcakes to (as Clayton calls him) the Cupcake Man who makes all of our cakes...and he made a wonderful cake for Mark. The cake got mixed definitely tasted like PB&J, and the icing was like PB fudge...but it wasn't truly BIRTHDAY cake in my opinion...oh well, it wasn't my BIG 4-0, so I didn't get to pick...and I have a LONG time til mine!!!

Clayton attempting to blow out the candle from the cake...big improvement from her b-day just 2 months earlier when she was crying b/c of the fire...

Here is the inside of the cake...grape jelly...

Me and My hubbs!

Clayton trying to basically shove the entire cake in her mouth...

The kiddos coloring with Uncle Mike

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dress Up...

Cheese...So, we have reached the age of dressing up!!! On Sunday afternoon, Clayton came in to the living room with "matching" shoes, you may think it is a coincidence, but actually, she NEVER puts the yellow shoes it was quite funny to us that she wanted to match!!!

Snow White...poor pumpkin, all of them are SOOO big...but we just deal with it!!!

Princess Jasmine is our new favorite...I hate that it shows her we won't be wearing it "out" in public!

Yes, we even sleep with our princesses!!!

Mommy's Birthday...

Sorry, I don't have a lot of time to write right now...but here are a couple of pictures to tide you over until the next post!!! From my birthday which was in September...I know, I am an awful blogger!!!