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Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures...

My grown-up 15 month old!!!

This pic looks better in sepia than in color because she had been crying so much up until this point...her little eyes were SOOO red!

Since we couldn't get her to be still or smile...let's break out a "tea" set...she had so much fun with it...they change our photographer...and wow, we finally started getting some good pics!

We had to put gold fish crackers inside the turkey's hat to get her to get near him...

I think she looks like she is 3 years old in some of these!!!


This might be my favorite?!?!

Here are our annual Sear's Thanksgiving pictures that we took the day before Thanksgiving...oh, what fun...only my sis can understand what it means to endure the Texarkana Sears people...WOW!!! And yet, after last year's escapade, we went make for more this year!!!